• A Central Database
    for asbestos information management
    Every department within your organisation has access
    to the mandatory legal documentation relating to asbestos.
    Digital records of access to asbestos containing materials
    Scan the QR code on the meter box to access documents
    Access and update the building asbestos register online
    24/7 contractor access to the Asbestos Management Plan
    Digital Restricted Access Permits and authentication
  • Asbestos Tablet App
    Real Time data collection in the field
    No more paying consultants for editing proforma document templates
    and then charging you as if they wrote it specifically for you!
    Reduce the cost of inspection and audit programs by up to 75%
    Standardise and format the data you want collected once
    Watch and track your field personnel in real time online
    Identify and respond to issues before field staff leave site
    Capture and send images and related data instantly
  • Legal Compliance
    Save hundreds of thousands of dollars
    By keeping your database up to date and storing all access records,
    you only update asbestos registers when you legally have to!
    No more costly annual field inspection programs
    Ensure 100% compliance with WH&S legislation
    Discharge legal obligations onto the contractors
    Eliminate legacy asbestos exposure claims
    Manage corporate risk and risk resiliance
    Cost benefit analysis FOR asbestos REMOVAL
    Accurately calculate the cost benefit of prioritised
    removal verses in-situ asbestos management.
    Online procurement of licensed asbestos removalists
    Records management for asbestos removal projects
    Payments based on successful clearance inspections
    Pre-qualified asbestos removal contractor list
    One click assessment of permits and insurances

Automate your asbestos management AND COMPLIANCE The OCTFOLIO Asbestos Information Management Software-Innovative Asbestos Management


Outsource the management of asbestos within your asset portfolio to us. We will effectively act as an additional business unit of your organisation and by way of a performance-based contractual arrangement, we will implement a prioritised asbestos removal program for you. Let us show you how to save thousands of dollars, reduce your liability, and eliminate unnecessary risk!

What Laws Apply to Asbestos?
There are a number of pieces of legislation that relate to asbestos…
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What are the fines?
There are a range of fines for non-compliance with the asbestos regulations…
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What are my obligations?
Building owners and managers have a number of obligations…
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What’s Included ?

  • Online Asbestos Register

  • Asbestos Register Converter

  • Asbestos Management Plan

  • Document Templates

  • Asbestos Mapping Tool

  • Asbestos Removal Calculator

  • Document Generation Wizard

  • Online Asbestos Training


  • Migrate data from Excel to OCTFOLIO
  • Calculate savings in less than 15 minutes
  • Login to our Asset Portfolio Portal Builder
  • Create online asbestos register with ease
  • Track asbestos assessors in the field

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